Monday, April 6, 2009

It came and went

April 3rd flew by and didn't even look back. No signs of labor, nothing. Today I had my final doctors appointment and got papers for my induction which will take place on Wednesday. I actually go into the hospital at 7:45 pm Tuesday night, they will start the process before they actually induce me. Then Wednesday morning sometime, I will be given pitocin to bring the labor on. I guess this doesn't surprise me fully, as I was induced with Jayden a week after my due date.
Eric, Jayden and I had our last final "outing" as a family 3 three at Dairy Queen. It's so surreal that in 48 hours our little princess will be joining us! I was so busy yesterday vacuuming, mopping, laundry, cleaning out my truck, putting the final touches in her room, that I have been exhausted all day today! I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow :) just so I know I have everything done!!
Eric and I decided on a name change. Yes, a name change!!! 3 days before our little girl is here and Eric is now dead set on a different name, he swears this is it! :P

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