Saturday, November 29, 2008

Late Saturday night post

I am sitting here at almost midnight and Im craving taco bell like no ones business. UUGGHH I REALLY want a chalupa and a crunchy taco with LOTS of hot sauce.....Instead I ate a peice of pumpkin pie that was left over from thanksgiving, it was ok, but I would much rather have taco bell right now :(

I managed to talk my mom into keeping Jayden tonight so Eric and I had a date night. We had it all planned: Nice dinner (which we went to Olive Garden), a movie (went and saw the new James was decent) and to top off the night I was supposed to get a foot and back rub. Did it happen, no. The butthead was complaining he was tooo tired (I try explaining to him that this happens when he stays up for 20 hours every night playing his dingy computer game)! So he's sleeping and I'm blogging. UGH what a bad date he is! After all I have only gained almost 15 pounds carrying his daughter!! (I say this in a smart a$$ way, I mind you) Lord knows, I dont need it. O well, there is payback for it :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

My cat's intuition

It's funny how animals just know when something in life is changing. My cats are nothing short of that. I have noticed in the past month now, E (the fat orange garfield look-alike one) has been going crazy with his affection for me. He will jump in my lap while Im sitting on the couch and just start kneading at my belly until he is satified with the softness of it, then lay down and just purr. He will be there for hours if I let him, but after about 15 minuets I have to make him get down. His 20-something pound body makes me feel like Im about to past out from lack of air :P
At bed time, he now sleeps on my side of the bed RIGHT next to me, agian with no lack of space. This is all stuff that he did when I was pregnant with Jayden, so I know he knows.
As for Cirrus (the fat white cat, who thinks we should all wait on him hand and foot), I can't say the same for him, his attitude has even changed alittle. He's not near as affectionate like E is, as a matter of fact he's less loveable now. But he still runs upstair when he sees Im going to bed and still sleeps on my side. But he doesnt really lay with me anymore on the couch and stuff. Maybe its just his way of letting E get his shot of love from me....Cirrus is a lover not a fighter, after all he should be coming from the shelter at an old age. :)
Now my dogs.....they are a COMPLETELY, different story, they could care less (at the moment). I dont think they realize that there will be another human chasing them around and feeding them from the table! :P

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A nice day...gone

What a beautiful day it is today in florida, the sun is shining and there is a slight chill in the air. Gorgouse! Eric always seems to find a way to ruin a nice day like today, by wanting to sit in front of the tv ALL DAY! blah!
Needless to say, he's on s*it list because of this. I wanted to go start the baby registry at Target then just go window shopping at the new outdoor mall down from my house, but nnnoooo, I will be by myself, what a loser he can be some times!!!! And to top things off, he ate my friggin' left overs from dinner the other night...MY LEFT OVERS!!! And we have nothing eles in the frige except a box of mac n cheese and some lunch meat....o yum :-/ You would think by now, he would know not to touch a pregnant woman's food!!! eeerrrggg!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Stupid Verizon Fios

So for the past 2 days our live tv has been out >:-( not cuz our fault, because they dont dont what the hay they are doing. It started off last week by me getting a messege on my phone that our services will be disrupted...Ok So, I call them to figure it out, well its cuz we havent paid our bill in 2 months (since we moved into our new house) Well no, friggin crap!!! We havent recieved one idiots! So Eric pays the past due....$75. Internet comes back on and tv as well. Well yesterday, the tv goes out, but we can still watch the on demand channels, so Eric calls and speaks to like 10 different people. No one could figure out what the hell was going on. FINALLY to make a long story shorter* It turns out the IDIOTS!!!! have been sending our bill to our old address!! AAAAHHHH!!! I could so just punch a verzion person out the next time I see one! Needless to say we still dont have tv (only the demand channels) after 10 different people telling us it would be on within 3 hours. So the last I heard from Eric was they were sending out a technician to fix the issue tomorrow...STUPID VERIZON...THEY'RE IDIOTS! On a better note: Check out the last preggie picture! 21 weeks baby!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time for me....

Finally, it almost 9:30pm and I am FINALLY left alone like I requested 3 hours ago....My head has been spinning, my eyes filled with tears of fury, all I wanted was time for me!!! Is this too hard to ask after days and days of the same routine??? Eric comes home, we eat dinner, everyone gets a round of a shower or bath, then Eric gets on the computer to "check" his stupid w.o.w game while yet Jayden and I are left to play by our selves some more.
Just because he goes out to work everyday, that means I have an easier job?!?!?! I think not, I dont get a break, Jayden is everywhere I go, and now I am soon to have 2 kids go everywhere I go. I can't remeber the last time I enjoyed a nice hot bubble bath that actually had water past my belly button!!! I always take one with Jayden, does Eric? Yeah, maybe once or twice, but its too much for him.

All I ask is to allow me to have some time by myself WITH NO ONE. Am I being too selfish?? I sometimes feel like it when I have nights like these. I get so fed up with the lazy ass that Eric can be that we end up in a yelling match. I try so hard not too, but my frustrations build up over time and I explode. Poor Jayden. I feel so bad for him, he shouldnt be subject to nights like these when they happen. I have no escape and Eric doesnt care .......

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's a girl, now what?

Ok, so we're having a girl, so no Kade Hunter. Some of the comments on the previous blog made me giggle a little....Hunter Obama?!?! Sorry Im not that idiotic to my children. But I think we are deciding on a different first name for our little girl, so no Maddison. Her middle name will remain Elizabeth because I would like her to have mom mom's middle name. I'll gladly take suggestions on girls name, but please be reasonable and no dingy names......Eric and I did find a very pretty and still somewhat rare name last night while searching. I am going to *TRY* my hardest to keep her name under wraps until she is born or at least very close. I dont know if I will be able to do it, but we will see.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The ultrasound reveals.........

I could not be anymore exctied!! Eric on the other hand....lets just say, he's already worried about boys coming to the house for our daughter. LOL He was for sure that we were going to have another little boy. But its like my parents kept telling him, "what Jenn wants, Jenn gets"

It's funny, when I was younger, thinking about having kids, I remeber saying to myself- I wanted to 2 kids, first a boy, then a little girl. It's funny how life works sometimes.


Today Miss Lula Belle got her very first professional hair cut. Just in time for Thanksgiving (which by the way is my absolute favorite holiday!!) Doesn't she look ssssooo cute?!?!
She got what they call a 'daisy cut'. I just says it's a schnauzers cut. hahaha. Well I think I am off to go browse craigslist for some baby stuff, now that I am aware I am having a lil princess. :)
Hope everyone had a joyess day just like we did!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Long time , no.........blogging?

Wow, I can't believe my last blog was on the 2nd! I guess part of it is to blame, I was up north with Jayden and my mom visiting family. I had a great time, but I must say, its good to be home. Although I am about ready to pack everything up and move to a colder climate! I got ssssooo use to the 40 degree weather there this past week, so you know that when we stepped off our airplane at TIA yesterday at 5;40 pm, I about passed out from the 80 degree weather florida has been having while I was away!

It was a nice little vacation seeing family up there. Especially seeing my 90 year old grandmother, who looked SO much better before we left than when we had first arrived. I will admit, I did break down a cry when I first saw her, she was on oxygen and was barely moving. BUT!!!! prayers are being anwsered somewhere and she not only looked, but Im sure felt fabulous on her birthday (Nov.9) My mom put together a great party at her nursing home, with most of the relatives there to celebrate! Grandma, was wide eyed and bushy tailed, and recalled everything the next day! It was such a relief to see her smile and remeber who Jayden and I was (at least I would like to think that :)

As for today.....After a long day yesterday of pretty much sitting at an airport then a 3 hours flight home, and then sitting in traffic on 275, I got up this morning, cleaned to house, minus the upstairs....and FINALLY tackled a pile of paper, old bills and unless junk that has been sitting next to my stove (I know....really safe, huh??) I am proud to say it is all cleared and free of a fire hazard!! :)

And for tomorrow....IT'S THE BIG DAY!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!! The moment of truth or at least we hope so. I have my ultrasound appointment at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Eric and Jayden and I will FFFFIINNNNAAALLLLYYY get to find out what we are having!!!! I have been praying for a little girl, so lets all hope it comes true. Here are the names we have picked out:

Boy- Kade Hunter
Girl- Madison Elizabeth

Most of my family refuse to really make any comments on the boys name, but I really like it. the fact that is unique (sp?). When we decieded on Jaydens name, it wasnt that popular, but now, you kinda see it everwhere or different versions of it at least. So I guess you can say I'm a trend setter. LOL

As for the girls name, everyone loves it, especially my mom, not only because it flows so nicely, but Elizabeth is my mothers middle name. I figure, Jayden's middle name is after my father, so why not include my momther in one?? :P Besides, my parents are like my heros, they have done so much for me over the years.

So until tomorrow......................

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Darn this time change!!!!!

Am I the only one that freaked out this morning when I looked at my cell phone and it read 6:20am?!?! Thanks Jayden!!! So when I finally managed to roll out of bed after countless attacks from him, we went downstairs and I saw my microwave and oven reading 8am. WTF!?! O YEAH, DUH!!! It was fall back. I was starting to think the pregnancy brain has already begun to kick in gear. (which it has by the way).

So I have my "19" week check up to see how the 'lil bean is doing in there tomorrow. My last appointment he told me that I would be getting refered out for my ultrasound on this one, so Im hoping that maybe I can get that squeezed in before I leave for up north on Wed. We will see.

Eric comes home tomorrow! YAY! Im so ready for him to get back. I feel like I only sleep at home, the other 85% of the time I at my parents house, which basically I am.

Its going on a week since I have had all my windows open and a/c shut off!! Double YAY! I hated opening my electric bill and seeing $160 for last month. I guess I cant complain too much, we keep our air at 75 for that price. My moms house is would be like $300!! But they also have some other stuff that contributes too I guess.

Well Entourage is coming on in about 15 mins. so I suppose I am going to finish up my computer fun time and head on downstairs to fall asleep during my show. its a good thing for on demand!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

My gorgous niece (Back off boys!!) Sara and my 'o so cute Jayden
My handsome batman! ;)

Look at how pregnant I look for only 18 weeks!

Ditto for this picture as well....
And yes, she carried Miss Lula Belle the whole time trick or treating, LOL!!

What I have come to realize

There has been alot of "soul searching" in these past 3 weeks or so. Alot to do with the fact that I have been left pregnant and with Jayden while Eric is in Miami working. These are a few random things that make me thankful for what I have and peeved for what I got (kinda makes sense right?) So what I have realized:


I dont think I could ever make it as a single mother, I tend to get lonely and Jayden, well bless his heart, I know he can ALWAYS come up with thing for me to do...just the wrong way.


My cats (a fluffy white one in particular) can be the sweetest and most annoying pet at the same time. Why he feels the need to sleep at the foot of the bed ON MY SIDE, when there is the whole other half of a king size bed being unused...


I tend to treat Jayden like a bigger boy than he really is. I have to consistanly remind myself, hes only 22 months old, not a 8 year old.


They need a special manual for potty training a boy who is scared to sit on a toilet....How was I supposed to know you need to point their 'lil wee wee down?!?!?


Regaurdless of how much I used to complain about working 40 hours a week, I miss it....tremdously!!! I now work 24 hours a day, with no break unless its nap time (even then its iffy).


My family....I dont know what I would do without them, my mom has been a major backbone since Eric has been gone. Im not sure what I am going to do when Eric and I finally take a leap and decide to move to another state (hints the reason, we're still in florida) Im a chicken.


This new baby, has truely been a blessing (just like Jayden of course) it kind of made my father and Eric come back together and put their differences behind them.
Heres a belly shot of 18 weeks :)


I really need to sharpen my math skills....ALOT, if I want to get into a nursing program. I checked on one yesterday, but from the sound of it, I dont think my level of math knowledge is going to get me excepted :*( You need to know algebra.....C 'MON ALGEBRA!?!?! I dont even know how I managed to graduate high school with math involved...thank god for a calculator!!


Well I guess thats my random thoughts for right now, Im sure I'll have more to add later...