Monday, March 30, 2009

4 days left and still nothing :(

How disappointing is that?!?! I had my 39 week appointment this morning. I have lost yet another told me to eat (WOOHOO!!). My blood pressure is still a little elevated, but he doesn't seem over concerned with it. So basically, I go to see him next Monday if baby still hasn't arrived and he will determine when to induce me. I was really hoping to go into labor on my own this time! HMP! Although he did give me the option to wait up to 2 weeks past my due date if I wanted to....NEGATIVE!! As much as it would probably be better, I want to get back to being me again!
Speaking of which....I now have another family living with me! If you remember reading an earlier blog about Eric's brother and family coming to stay with us....well, they showed up on my door step yesterday afternoon. I couldn't be any more ticked off at how inconvenient this is to me giving that I am having a newborn in a week!!! Eric doesn't care, at least he says he has no choice...we were they're last resort. Out of all their family and friends in SC...we are their last resort!!!! UGH! WHATEVER!!

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