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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boys will boys

Today marks the first time we had to take Jayden to the e.r. due him monkeyn' around when he shouldn't have been. We were at my parents house and Jayden was kinda sitting/ standing on their barstools (which have iron backs on them) we kept telling him to turn around and sit on his butt, however in a blink of an eye the barstool fell back with Jayden going down face first onto the tile floor. Talk about scaring the crap out of me!! I ran over to him only to find his mouth full of blood. So me being a mother I paniced and almost started crying myself, but I managed to maintain my cool. I did a quick look inside his mouth thinking he surely busted a tooth or two out...Nope he bascially almost chomped his bottom lip in two!! He had a huge gash on the inside, so Eric, my mom and I ran him over to the e.r. I thought he was for sure going to get stiches. After a 2.5 hour wait, the doctor said nothing looked broken, teeth were fine and his lip would heal within a few days. WHEW! Other then him having a HUGE fat lip and a scrape on his chin, he is good to go. Talk about a fun day....

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Sam said...

My poor nephew!!! I think he needs to come spend some safe time with Auntie & Uncle. ;-) Oh yeah, and Sara. hehe