Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The stress of wedding planning

Ok, so I am admitting that this lil shot gun wedding I thought we were going to have is turning out to be more stressful then I thought I would. I found a BEAUTIFUL park with a gazebo, (thanks to my sister) down in Temple Terrace. They have an opening on the 14. Not even 2 weeks away!!! AAAHHH!! We have nothing. No dress. No rings....nothing. So I have been put into a situation that this place would be perfect to have a nice small ceremony, but the true test would be is can we afford to pull off finding the wedding attire for Eric, Jayden and myself, plus the rings? O and we can't forget the small things that make a wedding nice...The hair, nails, photography. Then there is the "reception". My mom suggested we all go out for brunch/lunch or dinner (depending on time) Ok, well then that mean, I fore go all the fun stuff that happens at a reception. Bride & Grooms first dance, father/ daughter dance, and the cake thing. My mom says she will get the cake no matter how we do this wedding. I just don't know, if I keep this very intament then there will only be around 10 to 15 people. If I expand it, then we are looking at a little more, say 30 max. So I brought up the suggestion of having the reception at my parents house...I just don't know how that would go. I think the stressful part of this, is I don't know the budget, except it's not much. eerrrggg, Im started to stress just thinking about all this again. I have a feeling to just say screw it and do this all down at the court house for $30! But deep down inside, its not how I planned my dream wedding. :(


Sam said...

With the lack of time and funds I say have a small private ceremony with family and a few friends then have a bigger reception after the holidays (where you can have the first dance, father/daughter dance, bouquet throwing, etc). Planning a wedding can be stressful but not this stressful! Especially when following an almost 2yo all day and another one baking in the oven.

Anonymous said...

I say just do it at the court house and a reception at your moms house. That seems the cheapest way. Having a bigger reception after the holidays is a wonderful idea. DO IT! Weddings with all that expensive stuff is nothing but a waste of time and money. A wedding should not break a person. If you can't afford a fancy wedding now just have a fancy reception later. DO IT! Does he have a family that will help with cost? Or are they all about the brides family doing it? Which is a bunch of crap! If not, ask them to help with cost! DO IT!