Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My wedding day

Dec. 20, 2008 came and went like a flash! What a beautiful wedding we had! My sister married us! We had a nice 2 tier wedding cake. Our theme was wintry and with snowflakes. But of course the day was close to its 80. But we had Christmas music, so it made it a little more "winter-like" We all had a fun time:

So as for the weeding and reception we had a blast. As the night drew near, a close couple (Chris & Amy, who I have known for AGES!) decided to stay a little longer after everyone left. Eric and Chris kept downing the wine and champagne....bbbiigggg mistake. Around 9pm the 4 of us left to go back to our house. Here are the results: heeheehee

Eric and Chris are in DEEP conversation as well as very intoxicated!

He will probably kill me for blogging about these pictures, but hey! Hes the one who should of known better!! :P

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Sam said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my bro! It was a great day! I think it turned out perfect!