Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ok, I admit it....

Well yesterday, I discovered I am no dog groomer. After spending half the day at walmart for much needed items (one of them being hair clippers) Jayden and I decided to give it a whirl with shaving down Cirrus (one of our crazy cats)! I will say, his hair cut came out FABULOUS!!

It only took me 45 minuets and voila! A nicely shaved cat was born! :) (however I do need to redo his tummy, I missed a few spots..heehee)

But as for my poor yorkie, Miss Lula Belle...she got the blunt of it. I thought my grooming "talents" were good until I saw the end results with her :( She has now transformed from a cute little yorkie, to what some might call "just an ugly dog". At first I looked at her and said "well she doesn't look TOO bad", then after just plane stairing at her thinking "yeah, I hacked her up!" She kind of resembles a brussels griffin, if you know what they look like... Eric yelled at me when he saw her...LOL He's now ashamed to be seen in public with her and I think she has a complex about how she looks now too. My poor Lula. The only thing she has working for her, is her hair grows quickly.

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