Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...WHATEVER!

(O woe is me.)

My birthday has sucked sucked sucked this year! Everything that needed to happen didn't. It started off with going down to take my 4 hour glucose test. I walked in at 7:50 am and told the lady I was here for it. She asked if I had an appointment...'uh, no. My doctor told me to just come in and do it!' This is where the arguing begins. She tells me I need to have an appt. because it takes 4 hours. Well no crap woman!!!! But they closed the office down at noon for lunch so there wasn't enough time, and my appt, need to be for 7 am. WTF! thats 5 hours. I know I'm bad at math, but c'mon!!! So whatever, I leave and head to my parents house to go eat breakfast since I had to fast for this stupid test. Well I get there and notice, Jayden's right eye is very watery and kept having green gunk come out. GREAT! PINK EYE!! AAAHHH!!! So I call his pediatrician, and their office is closed until like the 13th or something. DOUBLE GREAT! So I call around to try to find an after hours or a walk in clinic that takes his insurance. After many disappointing conversations, I call his insurance provider to find out where the hell I can take him. They give me a place that was really close to my house. So I wait for Eric to pick us up from my parents, and we head over to the urgent care center. We walk in and I double check with the receptionist that they take his insurance. Yes, indeed they do. So as we're waiting, she calls me up to tell me, they can't verify his insurance is still good. She tried numerous times with no luck. I tried to call customer service, but what do you know, they are closed and don't reopen until monday morning. TRIPLE GREAT!!! Eric had ran out to the bank 10 minuets ago and now Jayden can't be seen for his nasty runny eye!! Another 5-10 minuets go by and finally Eric pulls up, by now, I am in tears and fuming that my luck with anything I tried to do today, didn't happen.

So we go out to dinner, come home, Jayden gets put to bed and I go take a shower. By the time I get out, it's 10pm. Eric never got me a little gift or even a card. WTF! I bake him a nice f-ing cake and get him some desperately needed sandals, and for my birthday....NOTHING! Did I mention the place we went to dinner at was paid by a gift card that my parents gave to us, so its not like it cost us anything!!! I'm so disappointed in him, but I guess I shouldn't expect that, in the 3 years we have been together, I was given a present on ONE Christmas only. Never on any other holidays and somehow I manage to get him something every time. AND I DON'T EVEN WORK!!!! HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!

Well I guess, I'm gonna go sulk now, the crappy part is, he doesn't understand why I'm in such a pissie mood (even though I have told him before!)

O, and did I mention, I have been fighting a cold the past couple days too?!?!


I am Sam. Sam I am. said...

Boys suck. Just throw rocks at them. Even if they are our husbands.

Lisa said...

You better "nip this no gift giving in the bud" right now girl! There is NOTHING wrong with EXACTLY saying what you feel, so tell him you want him to remember you with a gift on special occasions, and it doesn't have to $$ alot, he just has to think of something that would make you smile! Do it girl!!!! Happy Belated B=day by the way!