Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009!

I hope everyone had a fun new year. Mine, however was nothing short of a "thrilling". I was blamed for ruining the evening, by one of my good friends husband's Chris. All because I needed Eric to occupy Jayden while I made dinner and did stuff around the house. Let me back track some....There is this game World Of Warcraft that both Eric and Chris play on. Chris is way addicted to this game and needs some professional help to slow down (Im not joking) Well Chris needed Eric to run part of this game before heading over to our house for New Years Eve so because he couldn't Chris threw a 5 year old's temper tantrum....To make a long story short, my friend Amy came over without him. Around 9:30pm, He realized what an idiot he was being and wanted us to come get him. So my mom kept Jayden while the 3 of us went to go get him.

I will say, Jayden could of out lasted all of us!! While I was ready for bed at 11pm, he was running in circles! He didnt fall alseep until a little after 1am!

Now that all the fun is over, Jayden now thinks his bedtime is midnight. So Im struggling to get him to take a nap as I blog and it is no fun. He slept in till 10am today! So needless to say, he is not tired at all.

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