Friday, January 30, 2009

Jayden's going for surgery

This morning was Jayden's e.n.t doctor appointment. It went how I expected it to. The doctor is recommending he put tubes in his ears and have his adenos taken out at the same time. Now I know this is a simple, "everyday" procedure, but me being....well pregnant and emotional, I almost started crying in the office. The thought of having to just hand over MY BABY to someone is making me a wreck! My poor little one. We go back on Feb 6 to the office to sign waivers and all that mess, then on Feb 16th, is when he will have the surgery. I really hope this helps his ears and nose issues (poor lil guy has had a running nose for over a month now.) and this is his 4th ear infection in a 12 month period that we are dealing with now. So yeah, I am thinking this was only a matter of time.

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