Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jayden does the darndest things!

So Jayden is going through his terrible two stage and has been for a few months now. Well this afternoon, for no apparent reason, he starts throwing his markers and paper everywhere. Now normally I would ask him politely to please pick them up, if he ignores me or just doesn't do it, I go pick them up then, hide them. Well, today was the last straw. Because this outrage of marker throwing has been an almost daily thing for him, when he did it and I asked him to pick them up and he just looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language....I told him if he didn't pick them up, they will become property of the garbage. Once more I asked. I got the same dead response followed by him just walking away. So I told him to say bye to the markers and what do I hear from my 2 year old's mouth?!?! "Bye markers" He says this as he is throwing them in the trash!!!
I just stood there trying to hide my apparent laugh, but I couldn't help it, Jayden can be just so darn cute!!!!

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I am Sam. Sam I am. said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He's so cute! Although I've been there done that. Except Sara's was the terrible three's. I think teenage years are similar except they talk back meaner and slam their door to you. lol