Thursday, January 8, 2009

January is the month of birthdays!!

Yesterday Eric and I spent OUR birthdays (yes I now share MY birthday with my husband-his is the 7th and mine is the 9th) at my parents house. My parents cooked a great meal for us which included steak (YUM!), fried green beans, salad and for Eric a huge thing of zeati (sp?) I managed to bake Eric a surprise cake. Well kinda, he knew I was making him one he just didn't know the full details....I am quite proud of myself and my creativity!!

Its a world of warcraft cake!!!!

Now moving on past our birthdays, Jayden's is coming up on the 15th. I have decided to have it a local park, this time I will not be baking his cake, I will leave it up the the grocery store. :P

So because all the festivities are still going on around my house, which means we still have all the sweets, my 1 hour glucose test came back up high :( So now, I will be spending tomorrow, my birthday, at labcorp taking a 4 hour test! UGH! Basically this means, I fast from 10pm tonight, wake up go drink this sugary drink, wait 4 friggin' hours at the place then have my blood drawn. Fun for me, wish me luck that boredom doesn't set too far in while I'm there.

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I am Sam. Sam I am. said...

Eric was so cute with his cake. heehee. Sorry about your 4 hour test. Eeww! Time to lessen the sweets and eat more veggies! Oh yeah, happy birthday!