Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Built kid tough!"

This is Jayden the day after his surgery. :) You would NEVER know anything every happen to him. The only difference I see is his appetite...OMG, it has increased times 4!!! My kid doesn't stop stuffing his face from the time he gets up, till the time he goes to bed at night! But that's ok, he my growing baby boy!

Eric got sent home from work today because a machine broke in the back where is stationed and that cause no work to evolve. SSSSOOO...I made him grace Jayden and I with his presence while we went shopping at different consignment stores and to get Jayden's hair cut. And let me tell you, he was 'excited' (I'm exaggerating) But on the good side, he was able to help me pick out our little girl's going outfit, for when we get to leave the hospital, which I know he enjoyed! I have also now realized that, Eric will be MUCH more picky in the clothes we put our daughter in. He wants nothing but dresses. Me?? Well I love the dresses, don't get me wrong, but I also think there is some other cute non-dress type outfits.
Its funny to watch Eric pick out all these little girl clothes. So manly I might add! LOL

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Melissa said...

I am glad the lil guy is ok. Kids are alot tougher than we think.