Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am blessed

Over the weekend Eric, Jayden and I spent it over our friends house. Every time we are over there, my friends husband reminds me (through his actions, not words) at just how lucky I am that I have found a great, lovable husband. Sure he has his moments and some times I feel like I want to kill him, but hey! That's all part of a relationship. I see how my friends husband treats her and it makes me so upset sometimes. I have to bite my tongue alot over there. She bends over backwards for him. Basically caters to his EVERY need, but most of the time he acts like its not good enough. Now, don't get me wrong. I am making him sound completely horrid, but he does have a few good moments. Obviously she see more than I do, cause she is still with him after 11 years, but all this makes me love Eric more than ever knowing that he would never treat me the way my friend gets treated.

I KNOW I am blessed!

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