Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day

In 5 mins it will officially be v-day! Eric gave me my surprise earlier tonight when he got home from work.
Eric said he even arranged all the flowers on his own! He did a great job. Who the hell knew he had such talent in him!?!? The balloon was so cute too, but it didn't last long. My mom ended up popping it in the ceiling fan not even 2 hours after I got them!!! She was trying to split up all the flowers into 2 vases since, they were crammed in there. O well, at least I was able to capture the picture right?


Well, tomorrow we go get a 4d ultrasound done of our little girl!! I'm so excited to be able to "see" her again. I think this is why I am still up at midnight. I have too much useless energy, even though Jayden pushed EVERY button of mine today! He was such a brat, doing everything that he knew that he was not allowed to do!! UGH! Kids!!! :P

And speaking of Jayden, his surgery is still on for Monday. the closer it gets the more of a whack job I become. I was a complete mess earlier. The o.r. nurse called to get some info on him and our family, and it took all I had not to burst out in tears!! I am still blaming this on pregnancy hormones.

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