Monday, February 16, 2009

Jayden's surgery today

Today was Jayden's surgery and he (and I) made it! I am proud to say I managed my cool while letting my baby leave in the arms of a nurse before hand. Although I did shed a tear or two prior to that when they told me I was not allowed to be in the room while they anesthetized him (which was probably best for not only the nurses and doctors, but me as well...who wants a memory of their child being knocked out cold for surgery when they are used to seeing a bouncing baby boy!!???) The one thing that made it easy for them (and me) taking Jayden, was they gave him a liquid sedative before hand, so after it took affect, Jayden had a blank smile on his face as I kissed him and waved good-bye on his way out. I must admit, it was cute to see him all on happy drugs...he looked so happy!! So that was the easier part. As for his actual surgery, that took all of 20 minuets to put tubes in both ears and remove his adnoise.

His doctor came out told me everything went great and I should be able to go see him in about 15 minuets. Here comes the part where I lose it.....I walk into the recovery room and Jayden is still waking up from the anaesthesia. He is screaming, crying and pushing everything away from him. I remained calm for all of about 2 minuets and started crying my eyes out. I knew this was all part of him waking up afterwards, but it killed me to actually see this in Jayden. Finally after about 15 minuets, he was calm and came out of it.

We got home, and he seemed to act like nothing happen! Imagine that! He ate and drank like a horse. Played outside. My little man is such a strong boy. I am ssssooo glad this is over and done with!

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