Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our SECOND MIRACLE- 4d ultrasound

Today is valentines day and what a great day it has been!! We had our 4d ultrasound and our little girl cooperated for the most part. And it was confirmed for sure again that ITS A GIRL!!!To top off the nice day, Eric surprisingly gave me a nice chunk of change to go spend on what I wanted for myself (this is very rare that I have money!!!) So at first I was going to put it aside and save it to buy baby girl things, but I have been wanting a new purse and couldn't resist!! :)
We came out to our good friends house and me and my friend decided to leave the kiddos with the "men" and go shopping!!! :) WOOHOOIE! I splurged and bought a cute Vera Bradley purse and wallet. So it has been a great day/ evening!!

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