Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I thought the other night was a one time deal. Well, I was wrong. Evidently, these hormones that are making me angry at the world, have yet to leave my side. Let me recap some of my experiences....
So Eric hasn't been to work since last Thurs (when he left early in the morning) Called out Friday, Monday and today, Tuesday. I, ME, MYSELF....ONLY ME...has busted my butt to get this house unpacked and organized. While lazy bones, played his stupid computer game and watched tv! UGH! He kept telling me he would help me...UH WHEN?!?!?!? When I'm all done?? Well I guess so, I pretty much unpacked everything except a box full of clothes and that's only because I can't lift it myself and Eric has yet to get it for me. So whatever.
Now, to top off my evening tonight, my son decided he wasn't ready to go to bed when it was time (he was over tired from not having a nap today) so after numerous attempts to keep him in his room, the final one was letting him cry himself to sleep.....Big mistake! I listened to him crying "mommy" for about 7 minuets, then he started banging on the door. I went in there and gave him a spanking (he knows better). When I went to lay him down, that's when it happened....He had worked himself up so much he threw up about a gallon of water which appeared to have vienna sausages (processed meat stick as I call them..YUK!) and cookies mixed in with it. This was ongoing puke for about 5 minuets. I called Eric in to reprieve me, cuz I was about to lose my dinner in the process. PLUS, he needed to do some work around the house for once. HAHAHAHA! He ended up cleaning the nastiness up while I put fresh pj's on him and had a talk with Jayden about what just happen and why. Which I think either sunk in or he just exhausted himself that much, cuz I laid him back in his bed, kissed him goodnight and haven't seen or heard a peep out of him since. :)

Hopefully tomorrow will be better then the last few!

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I am Sam. Sam I am. said...

Thanks for the description of puke. Why isn't Eric working? I would "accidently" break that game. lol