Friday, March 27, 2009

Offically ONE WEEK LEFT!

This past Monday I had my 38 week appointment. My doctor ordered another ultrasound and some lab work to rule out possibilities of pre-eclampsia. He doesn't think I have it, so I'm not overly concerned. Just tired of being dizzy, nauseous and weak...all the great things that come with pregnancy.

So Wednesday I went and had the ultrasound done. I got one good picture (38 weeks and 5 days along) of her showing a poutie face (she didn't look happy being jiggled around in there) Her head was wwaaaaayyy low so it made it hard to get good views of her. After all was said and done, the tech confirmed to me that she is already showing to be around 8 pounds!! I guess this shouldn't surprise me too much as Jayden was born 8 pounds 10 ounces. I was just hoping to not have to push out another almost 9 pound baby again! I guess I just bake big babies!

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