Sunday, November 2, 2008

Darn this time change!!!!!

Am I the only one that freaked out this morning when I looked at my cell phone and it read 6:20am?!?! Thanks Jayden!!! So when I finally managed to roll out of bed after countless attacks from him, we went downstairs and I saw my microwave and oven reading 8am. WTF!?! O YEAH, DUH!!! It was fall back. I was starting to think the pregnancy brain has already begun to kick in gear. (which it has by the way).

So I have my "19" week check up to see how the 'lil bean is doing in there tomorrow. My last appointment he told me that I would be getting refered out for my ultrasound on this one, so Im hoping that maybe I can get that squeezed in before I leave for up north on Wed. We will see.

Eric comes home tomorrow! YAY! Im so ready for him to get back. I feel like I only sleep at home, the other 85% of the time I at my parents house, which basically I am.

Its going on a week since I have had all my windows open and a/c shut off!! Double YAY! I hated opening my electric bill and seeing $160 for last month. I guess I cant complain too much, we keep our air at 75 for that price. My moms house is would be like $300!! But they also have some other stuff that contributes too I guess.

Well Entourage is coming on in about 15 mins. so I suppose I am going to finish up my computer fun time and head on downstairs to fall asleep during my show. its a good thing for on demand!

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