Friday, November 14, 2008

The ultrasound reveals.........

I could not be anymore exctied!! Eric on the other hand....lets just say, he's already worried about boys coming to the house for our daughter. LOL He was for sure that we were going to have another little boy. But its like my parents kept telling him, "what Jenn wants, Jenn gets"

It's funny, when I was younger, thinking about having kids, I remeber saying to myself- I wanted to 2 kids, first a boy, then a little girl. It's funny how life works sometimes.


Today Miss Lula Belle got her very first professional hair cut. Just in time for Thanksgiving (which by the way is my absolute favorite holiday!!) Doesn't she look ssssooo cute?!?!
She got what they call a 'daisy cut'. I just says it's a schnauzers cut. hahaha. Well I think I am off to go browse craigslist for some baby stuff, now that I am aware I am having a lil princess. :)
Hope everyone had a joyess day just like we did!

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