Monday, November 24, 2008

My cat's intuition

It's funny how animals just know when something in life is changing. My cats are nothing short of that. I have noticed in the past month now, E (the fat orange garfield look-alike one) has been going crazy with his affection for me. He will jump in my lap while Im sitting on the couch and just start kneading at my belly until he is satified with the softness of it, then lay down and just purr. He will be there for hours if I let him, but after about 15 minuets I have to make him get down. His 20-something pound body makes me feel like Im about to past out from lack of air :P
At bed time, he now sleeps on my side of the bed RIGHT next to me, agian with no lack of space. This is all stuff that he did when I was pregnant with Jayden, so I know he knows.
As for Cirrus (the fat white cat, who thinks we should all wait on him hand and foot), I can't say the same for him, his attitude has even changed alittle. He's not near as affectionate like E is, as a matter of fact he's less loveable now. But he still runs upstair when he sees Im going to bed and still sleeps on my side. But he doesnt really lay with me anymore on the couch and stuff. Maybe its just his way of letting E get his shot of love from me....Cirrus is a lover not a fighter, after all he should be coming from the shelter at an old age. :)
Now my dogs.....they are a COMPLETELY, different story, they could care less (at the moment). I dont think they realize that there will be another human chasing them around and feeding them from the table! :P

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