Saturday, November 29, 2008

Late Saturday night post

I am sitting here at almost midnight and Im craving taco bell like no ones business. UUGGHH I REALLY want a chalupa and a crunchy taco with LOTS of hot sauce.....Instead I ate a peice of pumpkin pie that was left over from thanksgiving, it was ok, but I would much rather have taco bell right now :(

I managed to talk my mom into keeping Jayden tonight so Eric and I had a date night. We had it all planned: Nice dinner (which we went to Olive Garden), a movie (went and saw the new James was decent) and to top off the night I was supposed to get a foot and back rub. Did it happen, no. The butthead was complaining he was tooo tired (I try explaining to him that this happens when he stays up for 20 hours every night playing his dingy computer game)! So he's sleeping and I'm blogging. UGH what a bad date he is! After all I have only gained almost 15 pounds carrying his daughter!! (I say this in a smart a$$ way, I mind you) Lord knows, I dont need it. O well, there is payback for it :)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the butthead needs to quit with the computer games and give you the foot and back rub, amongst other things.