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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time for me....

Finally, it almost 9:30pm and I am FINALLY left alone like I requested 3 hours ago....My head has been spinning, my eyes filled with tears of fury, all I wanted was time for me!!! Is this too hard to ask after days and days of the same routine??? Eric comes home, we eat dinner, everyone gets a round of a shower or bath, then Eric gets on the computer to "check" his stupid w.o.w game while yet Jayden and I are left to play by our selves some more.
Just because he goes out to work everyday, that means I have an easier job?!?!?! I think not, I dont get a break, Jayden is everywhere I go, and now I am soon to have 2 kids go everywhere I go. I can't remeber the last time I enjoyed a nice hot bubble bath that actually had water past my belly button!!! I always take one with Jayden, does Eric? Yeah, maybe once or twice, but its too much for him.

All I ask is to allow me to have some time by myself WITH NO ONE. Am I being too selfish?? I sometimes feel like it when I have nights like these. I get so fed up with the lazy ass that Eric can be that we end up in a yelling match. I try so hard not too, but my frustrations build up over time and I explode. Poor Jayden. I feel so bad for him, he shouldnt be subject to nights like these when they happen. I have no escape and Eric doesnt care .......

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