Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weeks almost over....

Well the day is done and night is setting in. My hormones are going crazy and my son is driving me nuts. Props to all the single mothers out there, I don't know how my sister did it...Jayden fights me EVERY night on going to sleep, it used to be so easy, nope thats not how life goes....Im sitting here listening to him cry at his bedroom door. They say consistancy is the key, I dont see it, I can let him stay up until he is about ready to pass out on the floor, and he still fights me. UGH.

Besides all that mess, I really miss Eric, its crazy to hear me say that because if you know us, you would think otherwise. Maybe its just me not wanting to be alone with a child, I don't know. But this whole just Jayden and I thing really sucks. I have no adult or escape time. Agian, he is glued to my hip, even when I take a shower.

I'm thinking of taking him to the zoo tomorrow just so we can get out and about. I really want to take him to ZooBoo, but I dont know how he would handle it, it still might be too much for him.

Well, I dont hear my dear child screaming anymore, my thoughts are he is really tired and gave up easy tonight (LET'S HOPE HE STAYS IN HIS ROOM ALL NIGHT!!!!!) So Im gonna say good-night and start watching my thursday night shows....And as I finish typing this my stupid dog started barking and made him start back up!!! EEERRRGGG!!! Im going to go downstairs harm in letting him cry, right?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,

This is Sam's friend from San Diego. First of all, does Jayden sleep in his own bed? I sure hope so. The sooner he has he own bed the better. The key to getting him to sleep is to just let him cry. I know its hard but believe me he will get used to it. If you continue to rescue him he will continue to cry until you come. Bless his little heart! He is so darn cute and I just love his name. With another one on the way you should try very hard to get some alone time whenever you can. I sympathize with you on going to the bathroom. OMG...When my son was two years old everywhere I went there he was. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, outside, living room etc.... Couldn't even wipe my but in private. It is foul but I do miss those days. He is 15 now and boy it seems like all of that happened just yesterday. Enjoy that baby he will be in High School before you know it :-(

Take Care Jenn,


Sam said...

All I gotta say is THANK GOD for mom, dad, Pam & Tim. Jayden is always welcome to our house. :-) And The 1st Queen is right on what she said above. Stay strong!!