Monday, October 20, 2008

Todays the day!

So Eric is on his way home FINALLY!!! He should be here in another couple hours!!! Im so excited, except hes was complaining to me last night that he wasn't feeling good and his head was all congested..Great! He comes home sick...Jayden and I just got over our sicknesses.

On a better note...I needed a change over the weekend and decided to have my sister dye my hair..I figured since halloween was right around the corner, I went for red. We even ended up putting a little in my sister, neices and my moms hair!! LOL My moms came out the best because she has lighter hair so it shows through more, but it all looks great!!

Not too bad, right?? My hair has always looked pretty good in shades of red..... Other than playing beauty parlor, my weekend was pretty good. I took Jayden to the park with my sister and neice, then had somewhat of a night out collecting entrances fees for a band that my mom plays in. Then spent the day Sunday at my parents house, just goofing off. It was nice and relaxing, PLUS I was pain free!!!

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