Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A BAD few days

At this very moment, I am finally starting to feel some relief (besides a screaming child standing next to me saying no...I think its nap time) Ever since Sunday, I have been experiencing HORRIBLE abdominal and lower back pain. I was at the emergency room twice since then. After all the needle sticks for blood, a cathater for the ultrasound...which by the way, I would advise anyone to try to avoid that at all possiblities, the numerous doctors, I've seen, they can only say, they think I have a bad case of intigestion (spelling???) or aka heartburn. I think I have maybe gotten 10 hours sleep between Sunday and now. The bad part about all this is, I can't really take anything, because it will harm the baby, BUT they did prescribe a anti-acid to help, I *think* its helping, but who knows, I have been having a hard time eating and drinking anything because, it just grosses me out and I dont want this pain anymore....
My dad, yeah, what can I say, you gotta love him and he means well, but his talks he gives me, just are at the wrong time. This morning, I was doubled over in pain and my dad sit down and all he can say is you need to relax and breath. UMMMM... I've been up since 4 am with this pain, and your trying to tell me to relax!?!?!? I dont understand, but who does sometimes.

Well I guess Jayden and I have once worn out our welcome at my parents house. My mom just came to me and said my dad is having a hard time focusing on work when Jayden cries and he is demanding too much attention from my mom, so I guess I will be heading home when he gets up from his nap and hope that the pain will only lessen from here.

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