Sunday, October 12, 2008

Settling down from the day

Today wasnt so much of a fun day, but I was more productive!!! *yay!* I managed to FINALLY put the what was once clean clothes on my floor away. :P Nah, they're still clean just a tad wrinkled, but the hangers will do there job and let the wrinkles sag their way out (thats what I always seem to think)

I did decided to go over to my sister's house for dinner. I was a little apprehensive with this whole Joe thing going on, but like always, I bit my tounge and just delt with it. I really dont know how to act, I kinda felt like I was invading in his tv room, but o well, Jayden had fun seeing Sara and "auntie" so thats all that matters. O and did I mention? It was a painless evening of putting him down for bed!!! Only because he fell asleep on the way home :P Well I think my day/ night is ending, Im gonna head to bed soon!


Sam said...

Glad you made it. Don't bite your tongue. Just say whatever. Who cares. I still can't believe Joey had the nerve to say what he said about fathers not bonding with 3mo babies. He's such a *&%^$#@!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Joey is a big lazy JERK!
Is he?