Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another quite night....alone

Well its day/night 2 of a some what empty house. Eric left bright and early at 4:30 am Monday to goto Miami once agian. Hopefully He will be back by Friday for halloween, although in my mind, I am telling myself it will be Sunday, just cuz, thats usaully how my life works it seems. We bought our pumpkin and now Eric wont be here to carve it. Im always so bad at doing that kind of stuff, Ill give the poor pumpkin a hack job. Well at least my sister, niece and parents will be here. We are trick or treating in my neighborhood, and it should be a nice night. Speaking of weather!!! Florida has never felt so great these past few days!! Today it was like 65ish....I love the cold. I even broke out Peanut and Lulas clothes so they will stay warm:

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Sam said...

HEHE they are so cute! Sara and I were just talking about the dog's sweaters this morning. Polly can have JayJay's red one and JayJay needs a new one that's more "manly" looking. lol. It was cold last night cuz JayJay snuggled with ME last night. (I had all the covers.) That hasn't happened since my pre-Joe days!!