Saturday, October 11, 2008

Boredom has REALLY set in!

Ok, so its 1:45 pm here, Jayden is napping and Im about to bash my head into the wall over boredom. My parents have gone to some latin thing down in Ybor then they are going to a bike show. (my own parents have more of a life than their 26 year old daughter!! ugh!) Plus I think I wore out Jayden and I's welcome from being over there all week...I get that sense. O well.

I was so out of my mind last night I started photographing my shadows on my bedroom wall.

Can you tell what it is??!?! It's a "naked" picture of my belly (at 15 weeks) I couldnt get it to focus any better, but I still thought it was kinda neat. Let me remind you, it was close to midnight here. And Im usually in bed by 10 or so when Eric is home.

I spoke to him a little earlier today and he said that one of the guys thats on this job site that is head of the installation department (same company) would like to offer him a job so instead of welding in the shop he would be out and about. The pay would be so much more, but he would also be traveling some. Not sure how much, but seriously, if I have extra money to go do stuff while he is gone, I would have no issues with this. I just told him we would talk about it when he got homeand a serious job offer was laid out on the table.... Well I guess Im going to end this one for right now, wish me luck that I find something productive to do!

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Sam said...

That is a very cool picture!