Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday's Confessions.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, IT'S 8pm and JAYDEN IS SOUND ASLEEP!!! This is only because he had no nap today :P I spent the better half of my day at the mall, trying to get Jayden around more kids, but he refused to let go of my leg once we went into the play area, he's so anti-social....
(Sorry I may be jumping around in this blog,
I have alot on my mind and it all want to come out at once...)
I think one thing that is bothering me right now is something I read in one of my sister's post yesterday..let me go and copy and paste it: "I know Joe doesn't care too much for her (meaning me) but he deals with it for me. He won't admit it though. Joe's comment "Well then you can look for the PSP while you're there." WTF did I ever do to him?!?!? So I have been completely boggled by all this, I mean I know he doesnt like Eric and all, but what?? he doesnt like me because Im with him? I just dont understand, My only reasoning for this haterid, is because I openly say my thoughts and feelings on his loser ass of a son he has. How he is Mr. Know-It-All. EEERRGGG!!! I could of punched his lights out the night he kept trying to feed my son jack & coke at dinner, but nnnooooo I played cool (even though I gave him a look that could kill!!!!!) But still, you dont give a 22 month old child alcohol and say "just a little bit, it wont hurt" Um excuse me, who's this boy parent?!?!?!? Last I checked it was ME! Its just like this whole soda thing...I asked him please do not give him soda, what does he do...he gives it to him right in front of me the second I tell him not too, so know thanks to him this is all my friggin' child wants, I just dont understand why he keeps going agianst what I say with Jayden. I mean if his 20?/ 21? year old son, was so super and great, then yes, I could say "you know what, it must be fine, because look at how great your child turned out to be!" Ok so now, Im kinda going off of what is bothering me. Back to that. I was thinking of going over there tonight, Sam invited Jayden and I for dinner, but I turned it down, mainly because of this. I feel like I got to kiss ass, just to keep things calm and Im not about to do that. I love my sister to peices, and just like her post said, I dont have to like her other half, just put up with him for her sake. I feel like the next time I go over there, Im going to be unwelcomed by him. I guess for now its just gonna have to be avoided, which sucks big time, because Jayden absolutly ADORES Sara (my neice). He gets ssoooo happy and giddy everytime he sees a picture of her, its so unreal.
Maybe all this is just my hormones talking but, would it make you feel if you thought everything was fine between you and someone then come to find out, they only put up with you because they have too. Well I guess he doesnt have to put up with it anymore, unless there is a family function and he just hhhaaasss to go, not like he comes to many anyways, golf is more important! uuggghhh there I go agian, with just rattling off. O well, and this stupid accusing someone of taking a friggin' psp is so stupid!! WTF am I gonna do with a toy like that, when I have a computer and a child to play with. If he is ssssooooo friggin' sure I have it, then come to my house and look!! O wait, then he would probably say, well you just hid it good! You know I didn't make such a big deal of him accusing Eric and I of taking this stupid psp up until yesterday. So whatever, i could go on and on about all this non-sense, but I think Im gonna go cool down and rent a movie on demand for the evening.


Anonymous said...

Ok Jenn...Stick to your guns. No one and I mean no one should be giving Jayden anything you don't want him to have. After all you are his mom and your word should be respected.


Sam said...

I'm sorry I posted that. I was venting myself. Joe is Joe and I have no excuses for him. Yes he complains about our family but ya know what? HE will HAVE to deal with it becuz family is going nowhere. And as far as him feeding Jayden things you/me tell him not to, yes I could kill him. Feel free to do it too. Just becuz he isn't close to his family does NOT mean I won't be. You guys are more important and if golf if more important to him than our family functions, so be it. That's one less dingdong we have to deal with. I love you sis! Please don't ever feel like you can't come to my house cuz of him. He can go jump in a lake if he don't like it. lol. Remember boys suck. Just throw rocks at them.