Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin time with a nice surprise!!!

Its been a great week having Eric home!! We went to lunch together then on the way home we stopped at the pumpkin patch and got 1 of our2 or 3 pumpkins for halloween. Its a very nice one that as Eric says: "The pumpkin found me!" Hes such a dork. He picked it because it looks like the ones on his computer game that hes crazy about (World of Warcraft) I guess this time of year they have something special going on in the game with the headless horseman and stuff...I have no clue..I just shake my head yes and agree. I hate the game. But anyways, I was trying to get Jayden to pick his own pumpkin out, but he was too excited about all that was around him too really care.

Eric can't wait to carve it, he becomes such a kid this time of year.

O! And something eles that it exciting coming up...Jayden and I are going to be going up north with my mom in a couple weeks. We're going to be staying with my cousin which is great, I won't have to bring any kind of toys for Jayden cuz they have a 4 year old??? I cant remeber but, Im super excited, that everyone will be able to see him, since they last time they did he was only 4 months old. I'm also a little nervous with seeing my grandmother who will be 90 years old. She hasnt been doing to well in lately and her memory is very faint. But I guess thats what happens when you get old.

I remeber when I was in my child years, going up there for a couple weeks at a time during the summer. I always had so much fun, once I got over the fear of being there without my parents. hahaha. And too see her now, where she may not even really know or remeber who I am scares me. I know she doesn't really remeber who Jayden is even though my mom talks about him and stuff. Its gonna be hard when her time comes to cross the rainbow bridge, but I know she will finally be at peace with my grandfather.

Well I think its naptime for me, today and yesterday having been kicking me in the butt with bad dizzy spells and a nauseated feeling :( Until next time.......

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Sam said...

My nephew is so cute! Sara will never outgrow this time of year either and she's even more excited since she'll have Jayden as her "excuse" to continue trick-or-treating. lol