Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

What a great evening of trick or treating with Jayden, Sara, Sam, my mom, and Joe. My dad stayed at my house to pass out candy...what a team player he is! And yup, Erics still down in Miami. :( I was forced to carve his pumpkin, which by the way, I think came out fabulous!! Im so proud! It was my first and last attempt at it. (Hey those things are hard to do!)

Jayden had refused to touch the "guts" but had a blast playing in them with the scrapper tool. LOL

Since I am dwindling down from the night I will be posting my pictures somtime this weekend once I transfer them from my camera, so for now, these are the ones that came from my phone. I hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween!!!

'Batman ready to fight crime for candy!'

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