Friday, October 3, 2008

My very first blog :)

Ok....So I was suckered into starting my own blog. Thanks Sam! Well I guess it is a good way to let some steam off without blowing up at Eric a.k.a the boyfriend a.k.a the baby daddy :P

Im sitting here listening to my son, Jayden thrown something and kick the walls because he doesnt want to nap, so its starting to aggrivate me and I cant think! LOL I will say this whole 'stay at home mom' thing, just isnt for me, I would rather be working at a job and getting upset at co-workers than my own child....kinda takes the fun out of being a mother. Specially when, my job NEVER STOPS!!! Even when Im sick..Nope it doesnt matter, Eric gets to come home from a hard days work and relax, what do I do?????? Well I still tend to Jayden, the kid takes showers with me, goes to the bathroom to watch me pee!!! HEAVEN FORBID ERIC plays with him for 15 mins, so I can have some alone time without hearing a 22 month old scream at me because I've unglued him from my hip!!!! His excuse....."All you need to do is tell me." Um, hhheeelllooo, I just told you I was going to take a shower ALONE, you would think, thats code word, for 'Occupy Jayden, while I take a shower by myself....'

Hopefully this weekend, Eric and I will have a date night. WOO HOO NO KID!!! I got around 6 more months to have some what of a sane life, then it all goes up in smoke when the new baby comes. Hears hoping for a lil girl. I've come to realize after having Jayden, boys aren't as fun dressing up as I thought they would. O well.

Well I think thats enough for the first time...Im sure I will be a frequent blogger, so until next time......

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